James F. Clark

Designer / Manufacturer of “Clark Industrial Designs” made-to-order tables

Mr. Clark was born in Ohio into a family where his Father, Grandfather, and Uncle worked together in the steel industry.

Upon graduation from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA he went to work for Harbison-Walker Refractories Company, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial ceramic products and a major supplier to the steel industry.

After a distinguished career in manufacturing management and engineering Mr. Clark founded CRX Group, Inc., providing a wide range of refractory manufacturing and machinery-related services.

In 2009 Mr. Clark purchased a condominium (Silo Point in Baltimore MD) in a building that was built by the B&O RR in 1923. And was at the time the largest and fastest grain elevator in the world. When he was unable to locate accessory tables to fit in with the concrete columns and exposed ductwork and conduit in his new home, Mr. Clark decided to design and manufacture his own tables.

Friends began to request custom tables made to their own specifications and soon thereafter Mr. Clark added the “Clark Industrial Design” line of made-to-order tables and desks as another CRX Group, Inc. product line.

This picture was taken in the 1930’s. The man in the front row (far right) is my father, Frank Clark. The third man from the left (front row) is my Uncle, Jack Clark. The older gentleman with the necktie in the back row is my grandfather, John Clark. The rest of the picture is a collection of steelworkers, rugged individuals who helped build America’s steel industry. – Jim Clark

Our Story

The tables are made in the CRX Group machine shop, which was established for the purpose of supporting the parent company’s machinery- related services.  These services include machinery repairs, modifications, retrofits, upgrades as well as manufacturing custom machines for specific applications.

 Consequently, Clark Industrial Designs has available skilled craftsman, who are capable of manufacturing multiple variations of parts that are used to make the tables.

We design and manufacture custom furniture, which features an industrial motif.  We utilize industrial materials and industrial components both new and recycled. 

For example, the legs are machined in a lathe and can have surfaces that are smooth, scored, knurled, or cut spirally like the thread on a bolt or screw. 

We use both new and recycled machine parts like gears or sprockets.  Some of these are worn out parts from the repaired or rebuilt machinclark industrial Long table combined-2e of a CRX customer. Others are obtained from scrap dealers.  Once in a while we come across a useable part on the internet. 

Some recycled parts can have the original rusty surface or they can be cleaned up with a wire brush, sand paper or grinding stone.  Typically they are finished with a clear coat to prevent rust. And on occasion we have used chrome-plated parts. 

However, we also offer other finishes such as paint, epoxy or powder-coating. 

The table tops are made of tempered glass in the size and shape chosen by the customer. We typically use glass that is either 3/8” or ½” thick for accessory tables and desks.   And we typically radius the corners and bevel the edges but that can be altered upon request.

clark industrial Long table combined-3The structure support of the tables is made of machined steel.  Therefore the tables are sturdy and they are heavier than a table made of wood. They will last long enough to become a family heirloom and as long as the coating remains intact they are resistant to spills and moisture.

What makes our furniture unique is our ability to transform industrial design into elegance by eliminating the use of conventional fasteners nails, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, welds, and adhesives.   Instead we use close tolerance precision machining to produce a tight fit between mating surfaces.  For larger tables we often separate the legs from the table and we machine the mating surfaces to create a fit that allows the parts to be separated for shipping and handling.  

The end result is that our products reflect a unique blend of strength and elegance. Our tables and desks are strong, durable, and will last a lifetime and beyond.

We hope to be in the forefront of a new tradition of modern architectural design, … one that embraces the proud tradition of America’s industrial past.

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We Build One of a Kind Tables With New and Refurbished Pieces Like These

At Clark Industrial Designs, we use very unique pieces to build your custom table. No two tables have all the same parts or dimensions giving you a truly exclusive table. Below are just some of the options when it comes to custom building your table design.


First, look over our website and understand that what you see is only a small demonstration of our flexibility and creativity.

Call us directly at 813-240-4838 or email us at Info@CIDTables.com and tell us when you are available to take our call.  You can also submit your information through the form below.

We will need to know the shape and dimensions of your glass table top, plus the height of the table from floor level to the top surface of the glass.

Most importantly, if you saw something specific on our website that caught your attention be sure to share that with us.


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